"I create art because I love playing with colors. For me, painting is the ultimate meditation and creative expression. My paintings are about energy, color, and feelings. My work has a spiritual bent and is a result of continual exploration." 





Sabrina Terence is a record setting Abstract Artist that became the first to successfully send her artwork 65 km (over 200,000 feet) high into space in October 2016. She discovered her interest in art in 1998 during her first painting lesson while living in Germany. A great source of inspiration has always been music. Sabrina is a world-famous DJ since 2006, and naturally she has always been in touch with all kind of music genres. Till today, her work as DJ is a great influence when it comes to her art. During her career as a painter, she has attended many art exhibitions worldwide such as Art Basel, Art Berlin, and Art Fair Singapore to name a few.

Sabrina attributes her inspiration as an artist to abstract art, as she finds her artistic creations to be fresher and more sophisticated. Utilizing a precise blend of acrylic and oil on canvas, she creates her signature work, consisting of bright and bold colors with various effects and techniques.




My Exhibitions:

Art Be A Part , TAJ Dubai for UNICEF India Sept 2023
The Frames Gallery Dubai , April 2023

Museum Stadt Halberstadt Dec 2022 - Germany (Single Exhibition)
Nachtbrötchen NDSM July 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group Exhibition)
Birgit Berger Gallery Aug 2022 - Düsseldorf, Germany
Kulturkorridor Gallery May 2022 - Leipzig, Germany

Art Fusion Gallery Nov 2021 - Dubai, UAE (Group Exhibition)

Edward Dixon Gallery March 2020 - Dayton, Ohio USA (Group Exhibition)
Orrick Haus Düsseldorf  Nov 2019 - (Group Exhibition)

Gallery Birgit Berger Düsseldorf  Nov 2019 - (Group Exhibition)

Gala Benefiz DocHeileinandFriends   Tonhalle Düsseldorf Nov 2019 - (Group Exhibition)

Viktorias Gallery  Bratislava Slovakia Oct 2019 - (Group Exhibition)
Artrooms Fair Roma March 2019 - (Group Exhibition)

Art Project New York 1.0 2018 - (Group Exhibition)
Art Show Cafe Rouge Helsinki 2017 (Single Exhibition)
ADNEC Abu Dhabi UAE - 2016  (Group Exhibition)
Art Air Paderborn Airport Germany - 2016 (Single Exhibition)
Artshow Dubai - 2015 ( Single Exhibition)


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